Sustainability and Challenges to its Adoption

An organization’s commitment towards EHS&S (Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability) involves managing the responsibility towards stakeholders of

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Author: Amit Patel

Energy Efficiency – The Low Hanging Fruits of Sustainability

Energy Efficiency is the ‘low hanging fruit of sustainability’ as it opens up myriads of opportunities in resource conservation, primarily by plugging in the wastages in energy distribution, storage and use.

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Interview: Sustainability is a requirement for competitiveness in the long run

Sustainability Outlook spoke to Tuomas Haikka, VP-Sustainability and Environment at Outokumpu Oyj

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Interview: Rising fuel prices combined with emissions norms would Catalyze innovative mobility solutions

Sustainability Outlook spoke to Arvind Goel, President & Business Head at TATA Autocomp Systems Ltd. about the impending compliance requirements in the Auto Industry

Interview: Green-leap needed to shape global leadership

Sustainability Outlook spoke to Prof. Stuart Hart, Professor of Management at the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University on the future and

Interview: Water has been ignored globally as the engine for green growth, says Joppe Cramwinckel, Director Water, WBCSD

Director Water at World Business Council for Sustainable Development talks about the low levels of awareness in businesses about the importance of water as a resource and the current roadblocks being faced in

Shaping Sustainable Development to 2017

Upcoming GOI plans for sustainable habitat have a significant emphasis on plans/initiatives related to mass transit. Transportation and mobility infrastructure that India requires in this next orbit of growth is best exemplified by the theme of the 12th five year plan (2012-17) - “Faster, Sustainable and More Inclusive”.  

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Author: Ratnakar Gedam