About Us

India Carbon Outlook is a market access, insight and collaboration platform tracking actions related towards sustainbility in the carbon economy. It proactively promotes dialogue and collates data to enable action by local, regional as well as global practitioners. India Carbon Outlook provides (a) in-depth business and policy analyses (b) updates on the market participants and latest trends on sustainability initiatives and (c) expert inputs on resource reduction and other abatement as well as adaptation measures being undertaken.
Audience for India Carbon Outlook
Combining regional focus with updated consolidated and comprehensive coverage, India Carbon Outlook is a ‘must’ resource for all those interested in adoption of low carbon initiatives in emerging economies, such as:
- International players looking to work in the region
- Clean-tech firms/ carbon abatement technology companies
- Project developers
- Multilaterals and Non Governmental Organizations
- Industry players seeking carbon abatement/ conservation related news and information
- Emerging ventures
- Carbon commerce investors (voluntary as well as regulated regimes)
- Policy makers/ government
- New players interested in micro-carbon-abatement initiatives: especially those driven by voluntary standards.
India Carbon Outlook has the following features:
a. Latest Market Insights
- Corporate Sustainability Series: an interaction series with senior corporate sustainability experts on 'Business, Environmental and Supply Chain Sustainability'.
- Monthly CDM Reports: Tracking the status of the latest trends in the Indian CDM market
- Sustainable Consumption Series: Capturing the latest on low carbon sustainable lifestyle initiatives.
- Showcase: Exhibition of unique case studies and sustainability initiatives of organizations working on carbon abatement measures in India.
b. Market Access and Outreach
- Directory: A growing repository of community reported and market information on companies and professionals working towards carbon abatement in India.
- Market Intelligence: Sharing updates on key market players, latest happenings through electronic updates in the form of Daily News Ticker and Monthly Intelligence Updates. 
- Data Monitor: Data feeds on market information aggregated at a single place.
c. Multi Stakeholder Forums
- March 2011
Parivartan Sustainability Summit and Awards
- October 2010
Official Side Event at the Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference
- April 2010
Roundtable on Technology Transfer, Policy and Climate Change: Goal 2020
Through its various online and offline publications, India Carbon Outlook aims to make cutting edge information available to the various stakeholders and to create avenues for cross-discipline collaboration.
India Carbon Outlook strongly encourages and welcomes various industry participants to be regular contributors to its various publications. If you would like to engage with India Carbon Outlook as a contributor or as a consumer of data, please contact us.