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More Laggards than Leaders: State of Renewable Purchase Obligations

By : Anindita Chakraborty, May 13, 2013Greenpeace calls out for an overhaul of the existing framework of the RPO regulation and sheds light on the current status of its implementation among states “Powering Ahead with Renewables: Leaders... Read more..

The 5 Elements of Nature – HCL’s Sustainability Mantra

By : Anindita Chakraborty, Mar 7, 2013HCL has come out with a new sustainability report which builds on 4Rs – Responsible Business, Redefine Workplace, Renew Ecosystem and Repay Society. This article takes a look at the objectives... Read more..
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Will the Sun Shine?

By : Anindita Chakraborty, Feb 27, 2013It’s not just the budget allocation; the solar industry needs streamlining of operational policies as well. This article takes a look at the industry expectations and demands ahead of the Union... Read more..
Subject Tags: Budget Expectation, Solar

Scaling down Concentrated Solar Power: Micro CSP the way forward?

By : Anindita Chakraborty, Feb 15, 2013This article draws from Sustainability Outlook’s conversation with the CEO of Sopogy, a Micro CSP manufacturer and takes a look at the status of Micro CSP technology and its potential in India. While... Read more..
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‘Change the Rules of the Game': Summary Primer on Delhi Sustainable Development Summit

By : Pankaj Arora, Feb 13, 2013Many know Seychelles as an exotic holiday destination. What many don’t know is that Seychelles is also one of the countries most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Just last week itself,... Read more..
Subject Tags: DSDS

Fledgling Electric Vehicle Industry Looks To NEMP for Revival

By : Anindita Chakraborty, Jan 18, 2013The National Electric Mission Plan has recently been adopted in a bid to catalyze the growth of electric vehicles in the country. This article takes a look at the factors at play to energize the... Read more..

Engaging the Private Sector in Forest Carbon Management in India

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 16, 2013This article reflects on pathways, building on the Chinese model, for creative involvement of private business in CO2 sequestration through forest vegetation.  At the recently concluded UNFCCC... Read more..
Subject Tags: Carbon Management, Forest

The Water Agenda: Technology as a bridge between the EU and India

By : sustainabilityo..., Jan 7, 2013This article takes a look at challenges of a water stressed India and the need for establishing knowledge transfer and collaborative frameworks to enhance water management practices in India.  Water... Read more..
Subject Tags: Technology, Water

Hanging by a Thread: Kyoto Protocol beyond 2012

By : Anindita Chakraborty, Dec 24, 2012The conversation around the result of COP18 vacillates around extreme verdicts of the same – with most hailing it an utter failure and a few celebrating its success. This article takes a look at what... Read more..
Subject Tags: Kyoto Protocol

The [R]evolution in the Offing: Renewables Get Top Priority in New Greenpeace Report

By : Anindita Chakraborty, Dec 18, 2012Calling out for fiscal supports such as a lending body, a Renewable Energy collateral fund and public-private investment on research and development, Greenpeace’s latest report talks about the future... Read more..
Subject Tags: Energy, Greenpeace

Lessons from Fukui Prefecture: How India can Embark on a Sustainable Transport Path

By : Anindita Chakraborty, Dec 14, 2012The transport sector is the second largest consumer of energy after the industry sector and one of the primary causes of air pollution. This article takes a look at how we can move from a dependency... Read more..
Subject Tags: Sustainable Transport

Policy Issues on Energy and Climate Change: The Case of Kyoto Protocol

By : Lydia Powell, Dec 11, 2012This article reflects on the interface between policy questions on energy use in the Kyoto Protocol and climate change mitigation strategies. The close link between energy use and climate change... Read more..

Forging the future: COP18 and beyond

By : Anindita Chakraborty, Nov 30, 2012The year’s biggest climate conference has started in Doha, Qatar earlier this week. There is much at stake as the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol comes to an end this year with no clear... Read more..

Making Diesel power viable: Integrating Power Factor Correction Solutions in Diesel Generators

By : Harsh Sheth, Nov 26, 2012With the continued erratic state of power supply and the need of industries for uninterrupted throughput of products to sustain economic sustainability, more and more businesses have shifted to... Read more..

Sustainability and Challenges to its Adoption

By : Amit Patel, Nov 23, 2012An organization’s commitment towards EHS&S (Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability) involves managing the responsibility towards stakeholders of their businesses by commitment to... Read more..