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Japan’s bilateral carbon finance: a new opportunity for India

By : Kenta Usui, Nov 22, 2012Japan is promoting low-carbon technologies in developing countries through its bilateral carbon finance scheme. The scheme can revive India’s green businesses facing record-low carbon price in the... Read more..

Off-Grid Solar Thermal Technologies: Solving India’s Energy Crisis

By : Ashok Paranjape, Nov 15, 2012The Earth receives more than enough energy from the sun in an hour to supply the world’s energy requirements for the whole year. Unfortunately we harness only a tiny portion of the available solar... Read more..
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Indian Solar Sector – Shining or hiding behind the clouds?

By : Aparna Khandelwal, Feb 3, 2012National Solar Mission’s second round of bidding for the remaining 350MW of Phase I that concluded in November’11 surprised industry veterans not only in India but across the globe with the price... Read more..