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Japan’s bilateral carbon finance: a new opportunity for India

By : Kenta Usui, Nov 22, 2012Japan is promoting low-carbon technologies in developing countries through its bilateral carbon finance scheme. The scheme can revive India’s green businesses facing record-low carbon price in the... Read more..

Capturing energy efficiency market advantages

By : Jyoti Deka, Nov 20, 2012The market for energy efficiency products and services in India has gained momentum in recent years. This is both due to regulatory impetus and commercial incentives for energy savings as the... Read more..

Energy Efficiency – The Low Hanging Fruits of Sustainability

By : Reshmi Vasudeva..., Nov 19, 2012Energy Efficiency is the ‘low hanging fruit of sustainability’ as it opens up myriads of opportunities in resource conservation, primarily by plugging in the wastages in energy distribution,... Read more..

IT as an enabling tool for Business Sustainability

By : Suparna Shankar..., Nov 16, 2012It does not matter how big or small Indian organizations are, they must learn from the recent power grid failure. The recent power grid failure in North India exposed the precarious demand-supply... Read more..

Off-Grid Solar Thermal Technologies: Solving India’s Energy Crisis

By : Ashok Paranjape, Nov 15, 2012The Earth receives more than enough energy from the sun in an hour to supply the world’s energy requirements for the whole year. Unfortunately we harness only a tiny portion of the available solar... Read more..
Subject Tags: Sustainable Energy

How to Reinvent Capitalism via Creating Shared Value?

By : Pankaj Arora, Nov 9, 2012I had the good fortune of attending the Nestle’s Creating Shared Value (CSV) forum earlier this week. Nestle is very clear on what it intends to achieve – find ways and methods by which businesses... Read more..
Subject Tags: Resource Efficiency

Sustainability Reporting: An enabler of Responsible Finance for Sustainable Development

By : Katherine Miles..., Nov 7, 2012The financial services sector plays a catalytic role in the promotion of sustainable development through deploying finance responsibly. As intermediaries in allocating capital, investors and lenders... Read more..

Look for the label: Catalyzing Sustainable Consumer Behaviour

By : Seth Petchers, Nov 6, 2012I’ve sat down at a Mumbai café to write a piece on labels and sustainable consumer behaviour. I should have done this several days ago and now the deadline I’ve been asked to meet is tomorrow.... Read more..
Subject Tags: Sustainable Products

Sustainable Retail:The New Industry Buzzword

By : Roselin Dey, Nov 2, 2012The sustainability coin has two sides: Sustainable production and sustainable consumption. Newer compliance mandates and regulations coupled with increased investor and client demands for... Read more..
Subject Tags: sustainable retail

Financing Sustainable Infrastructure: The Need and Challenges

By : Cherian Thomas, Nov 2, 2012The challenges of achieving rapid and continuously high levels of economic growth as a means to poverty reduction include the need to balance development aspirations with minimal environmental... Read more..

Look who’s reading your Sustainability Report

By : Pawan Mehra, Oct 26, 2012As India Inc. begins to adopt Sustainability reporting, investors are likely to be combing through it and select winners from the rest. The number of corporates coming out with Sustainability... Read more..
Subject Tags: Sustainable Products

Water conservation : Need not be mere PR for the Beverage Sector

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 26, 2012Driven by the fast emerging threat of water scarcity, Beverage giants are increasingly mainstreaming their water conservation practices though some observers remain cynical about the claims and... Read more..
Subject Tags: Resource Efficiency

Green Tires as a new Business Tool to Address Climate Change

By : Vijeta Rattani, Jul 10, 2012Globally, a large number of international players have introduced green tires as an option for reduced carbon emission. Such initiatives also present a new opportunity that can be explored by... Read more..

Grundfos India reaffirms sustainability commitment through new green factory premises

By : Roselin Dey, Jun 28, 2012With the concept of sustainable architecture catching up, Grundfos India reiterates its commitment to sustainability by investing in greening their factory premises and receiving Gold... Read more..
Subject Tags: Resource Efficiency

A-B-C-D of the Business Case for Energy Efficiency

By : Snehil Taparia, Jun 26, 2012This article explores the different business prerogatives and the benefits that can be tapped into by adopting energy efficiency measures in the workplace. Depleting energy resources, rising cost... Read more..